Yuttanant Suwansiri

Developer & entrepreneur who is passionate in engineering, software, automation and embedded system. Proficient with Python, Javascript and Swift. Algorithms & Machine Learning Enthusiast.

Project Categories

You will find the projects that I've been working on in different areas of engineering and software. In my free time, I'm creating an application for my brother's coffeee in Augular 2, as well as participating in Hackerrank and Pramp. For my current company I'm working for, Nilpeter, I'm developing Ruby on Rails/ iOS electronic timesheet/calendar with handwriting signature application so that the engineers don't have to bring timesheet paper for the customer to sign anymore. My past experience since I helped friends start up a company called Petropower where you can see projects related to automation and embedded systems. My university project, AIAA BDF 2008 competition, the aircraft was designed with CATIA V5

* Here are some of the sorting, graph, tree algorithms that I'm currently learning and working on.

oasit coffee

This project is not finished yet. I'm working on this application using Angular 2. The idea is that to have the customers order coffees on an iPad and when the coffee shop is very busy with many customers coming in in one time, the customers can see the queue online so they are able to know how long they will have to wait until they will get thier coffees made

In the future, I would like to coffee shop to be able to manage coffee inventory and customers can make an online payment and keep track of coffees they have purchased for more rewards later on

Calendar iOS App

This app is iOS calendar application for Nilpeter. The engineers don't have to bring timesheet paper when they visit the customers. The customers can sign on engineers' iPads. (username: arm, password: arm123)

Calendar Web App

This app is made with Ruby on Rails for Nilpeter where it's link to iOS calendar app. It has APIs that the iOS application can talk to and submit data. Admin has control over each users from this web application like adding, editing, and deleting users or user's schedules. The reported can be generated automatically in pdf format. (username: arm, password: arm123)


Aiaa bdf 2008 competition

Senior design Wichita State University project. We had to design and build a small RC aircraft accordingly to AIAA's constraint. There were 60 teams from diffrent universities around the world in this competition. The design report won the 1st place and the aircraft won 8th place overall.

Design Report